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The Rifle Video section is for, you guessed it, rifle information for new and inexperienced shooters. We found the videos were a great review on basic tips and cover a good amount of information.

Happy Shooting,

The Mass Ammo Crew

Loading and Unloading an AR-15

This is a short video to show new shooters one way to load and unload an AR-15. In the loading portion the taking out of the magazine after dropping the bolt is to confirm for a new shooter that the magazine was actually fully inserted. Though there are many other ways to do this, we feel that this video explains it quickly, concisely, and safely.

AR-15 Maintenance: Field-Strip, Clean, and Lubrication

A much longer video than normal, but it is in-depth explanation of the AR-15 and common problems with the rifle. It goes into some different types of AR-15’s and does provide a good bit of knowledge. Definitely worth the watch if you are new to AR-15s and have the time.

Setting Up your scope for Success

The NSSF has put together another great video, this one focusing on how to properly set up a rifle scope on a rifle.

Long Range Shooting Technique

The same guy who did the above video on how to properly set up your scope is back with a video focusing on long range shooting technique.

Rifle Cleaning

To round off our rifle educational section we have a video on proper cleaning tips and techniques specialized towards bolt action rifles.