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Firearm Safety Videos

We decided to include some videos on this page about gun safety. These videos are geared more for new or less experienced shooters. Here at Mass Ammo we want to make sure you have the knowledge to shoot safely and to shoot with confidence. These videos are not the be all end all to gun safety. We are sharing the videos we feel are a good starting point, and we recommend that you go forward researching other videos and information on the subject of shooting.

Happy Shooting,

The Mass Ammo Crew

Parents Talking with Their Kids about Gun Safely

This first video touches on child safety with children. It is ultimately your decision on what and what not to teach your child but with the atmosphere our children are growing up in, we believe a well-informed child is far more likely to make a better decision than an uneducated one. Inexperience causes most mistakes; let’s help lessen the number of those mistakes.

Four Rules of Firearm Safety

4 Tips for firearms safety. A relatively short video for a new shooter. There are many more rules and other ways to improve safety but we found that this was a good place to start.

Gun Storage

A video on gun storage. It has some good points, and can give you an idea of how to set up your safe. This of course is just for informational purposes, the way you store your firearms is completely up to you. We recommend always locking up your firearms so they do not fall into the wrong hands. Enjoy!